Course Description

A survey of the principles and concepts basic to understanding human behavior. Course resources and assignments address the history, development and practical application of basic psychological theories and perspectives.

Personal Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify the historical and cultural roots of psychology. 
  2. Define the major schools of psychological theory, their advocates, and their approaches to understanding behavior. 
  3. Define personality, language, thought, sensation, perceptions, memory, learning, intelligence, motivation, and emotion in relationship to psychological perspectives.  
  4. Interpret examples of human behavior according to contemporary psychological theories. 
  5. Deliver a presentation prepared to address a specific issue or concept related to the course.
  6. Demonstrate college-level writing skills by incorporating material into clear sentences and cohesive paragraphs.



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Course guide

Here is the course outline:

Getting Started
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Week 1
Introduction to Economics
Week 2
Introduction to Macroeconomics
Week 3
Determining Output and Employment: Keynesian Macroeconomics and Fiscal Policy
Week 4
Money, Financial Markets, and Monetary Policy
Week 5
Policy Challenges in the 2010s
Week 6
Psychological Disorders, Therapies and Social Psychology