Course Description

The objective of this course is to examine the nature of communication and explore its importance in the contemporary workplace. To identify strategies and develop skills useful in developing team performance, in dealing with conflict, in analyzing verbal and nonverbal behavior, in listening  and writing, and in preparing and delivering presentations.

Personal Learning Outcomes

  1. Define the concept of communication and its primary functions.
  2. Identify and explain the basic elements of communication that contribute to effectiveness in the contemporary workplace, including an analysis of workplace culture.
  3. Demonstrate interpersonal communication skills, including listening and verbal/nonverbal behaviors.
  4. Recognize essential team skills required for effective group participation, and for dealing with conflict in the workplace.
  5. Demonstrate skills required in preparing effective written and oral presentations.
  6. Deliver a presentation prepared to address a specific workplace objective.
  7. Demonstrate college-level writing skills by integrating material from text and Web sources into clear sentences and cohesive paragraphs in written work.



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Course guide

Here is the course outline:

Getting Started
Welcome to your online course!
Week 1
Nature of Human Communication: Interpersonal Communication Basics
Week 2
Personality and Perception, Verbal Elements of Communication
Week 3
Non-Verbal, Cultural and Environmental Factors in Communication
Week 4
Leadership, Strategy, Power, Politics, and Influence
Week 5
Effective Group Communication: Professionalism, and Technologically Driven Communication
Week 6
Exam on All of the Course Materials