Course Description

Expressing ideas and conveying information in writing.  Includes reasoning, factual support, clarity of purpose, organization, and language.  Gaining knowledge and practice in reading and writing of expository, argumentative and other types of essays. 

Personal Learning Outcomes

  1. Use standard English grammar and usage including conventions of grammar, punctuation, spellings, mechanics, diction, and sentence structure.
  2. Produce effective composition that has a thesis, supporting topic sentences, primary and secondary support and a conclusion.
  3. Recognize composition genres, including description, narration, exposition using comparison-contrast or cause-effect techniques, and write within selected genres.
  4. Construct sound arguments, using a positional claim, supporting evidence, counterargument, and refutation.
  5. Plan an oral presentation which includes use of cited sources.
  6. Recognize methods of appropriately avoiding plagiarism.
  7. Use revision and editing techniques to clarify writing.
  8. Demonstrate college-level writing skills by incorporating material into clear sentences and cohesive paragraphs. (NOTE: This is a goal and may not be fully achievable initially.)



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Course guide

Here is the course outline:

Getting Started
Welcome to your online course!
Week 1
Introduction to College Writing and Reading Requirements
Week 2
Scope of College Writing; Selecting a Topic and Prewriting
Week 3
Writing Process Steps: Structuring, Revising, Editing and Proofreading
Week 4
Persuasive and Argumentative Writing
Week 5
Expository Writing : Comparison and Contrast Essay
Week 6
Expository Writing : Analytical Essay