Course Description

This course in an introduction to logic, identifying correct and incorrect reasoning patterns that occur in everyday life. Particular attention is given to asking critical questions, argumentation analysis, reasoning fallacies, using evidence, and establishing conclusions.

Personal Learning Outcomes

  1. Define what logic is.
  2. Identify and evaluate an argument.
  3. Analyze reasoning.
  4. Assess implications and conclusions.
  5. Evaluate evidence.
  6. Construct and demonstrate reasoning avoiding fallacies.
  7. Deliver a presentation prepared to address a specific workplace objective using critical thinking processes.
  8. Demonstrate college-level writing skills by integrating material into clear sentences and cohesive paragraphs in written work.



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Course guide

Here is the course outline:

Getting Started
Welcome to your online course!
Week 1
Explain What Logic Is
Week 2
The Building Blocks of Logic
Week 3
Further Exploration of Deductive and Inductive Arguments
Week 4
Logical Fallacies and the Language of Logic
Week 5
Applications of Logic
Week 6
Exam on All of the Course Material